Upcoming Events

Good evening. After a very philosophical conversation with my sister about life, free time and stuff, I’ve decided to do something more meaningful in my spare time other than watching Family Guy – writing on my very random blog. After my dissapointment of not going to the Jamie Woon concert which took place yesterday at Romexpo, I’ve searched the internet for some fun events that I will probably won’t attend(typical) and which will happen in Le Petite-Paris(aka Bucharest).

Without further ado, let’s jump into everything.

1. Extravaganza Fashion Fair

Being at its first edition called Fall in red(so Taylor Swift-ish), the event promises an exclusive fair that will blow your minds or at least your pockets. Knowing that it is quite hard to have a rewarding shopping day in Bucharest without buying things that everybody already has, I always giggle when I hear about things like that. Unfortunately there’s only one day left(December 2) so if you’re into fashion, art, music, vintage and credit cards, that’s something for you, you little shopaholic.

2. Swedish House Mafia

I know December is the month of Fuego, Stefan Hrusca and Stefan Banica Jr. concerts. Please do not get too excited about Swedish House Mafia being for the first time in our beloved country and ignore our authentic brilliant singers or you are so going to Hell. Now, I was a bit controversial hearing that this is the first and last concert in Romania. At first I thought that they already hate our country and I was like “such a pair of twats”, but actually they will kind of split after their career of almost 4 years(what?) , the 2012 tour being their last one. I’m sure they will still be mixing in some clubs, but if you want to see the electronic dance music trio for the first and last time, then prepare for December 14.

3. The Hobbit

This may not count as an event, but I couldn’t help myself not including the next part(which in fact happened before LOTR) of my favourite movie of all times – The Lord Of  The Rings. The premiere will happen on December 14 so you’ll have plenty of time to watch it before the world comes to an end.

4. TEDxCaleaVictorieiED

For you brainy ones, I’ve got an exciting conference. TED(Technology, Entertainment and Design) will organise some conferences all around the country in the near future. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically some kind of stand-up with really intelligent and inovative people that speak and pretty much know everything about everything (and by that, I mean is nothing like a stand-up comedy show). There are not too many information about the Bucharest event on the internet mainly because it will take place on January 31, but you can always check the site for updates and also look up for TEDxYouth@Lipscani.

That’s pretty much it for the following months(all I could think for), but let’s not forget about 2013 which will bring us Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons, Rock The City, EUROPAfest and many others.

By the way,

La mulți ani, România!


5. Speakers’ Arena

Today(December 2) was the first time I went to a public speaking event and I was really pleased to be amongst such diverse, passionate and interesting people. Every two weeks, 6 speakers try to develop their speaking abilities by presenting some kind of information to an audience. The audience gives a mark and feedback and this becomes very interactive, fun and full of knowledge. Luckily, you can go there and tell your story or just attend and learn something exciting. You can check their Facebook page and keep yourself updated about who, when and where.

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