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Hey. For some reasons I’ve decided to move on blogger. Now, silverlust has a new design and a new nest. I hope you’ll like it and stick with me through all the changes.

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20 things to know by 20

1.Your existential crisis will not disappear. You will just get better at dealing with it.
2.Santa Claus is real, but he won’t move his ass all the way from Lapland to give you presents.
3.Trust nobody, because nobody trusts you either.
4.High school is not the best thing that will happen to you. If it is, then you’ll have a bad time.
5.Reading is right. Being stupid is wrong.
6.Stop complaining about everything. If something bothers you, solve it. If you can’t solve it, try to change it. If you can’t change it, move on and appreciate life as it is.
7.Information is power.
8.Parents will NOT send you money forever. College will teach you the art of being broke.
9.Communication is key, however being socially awkward makes you more interesting as a person. It won’t get you laid, but there’s a price to pay for everything.
10.Be brave. You can take as many risks as you allow yourself to take. The more you grow up, the less daring you get.
11.No seriously, stop complaining.
12.If you don’t like someone stop being around them. Life’s too short to be with the wrong people.
13.You are surrounded by idiots. If you’re not, then you’re the idiot.
14.You will procrastinate more than you will learn.
15.Monday is the worst day and it will be forever. The suicide rate is higher on Mondays. There is even a Monday’s syndrome. Be careful and skip the day or sleep it off!
16.Carbs are a young adult’s best friend. Low self-esteem is the worst enemy.
17.Snape is not Harry Potter’s father. Superman is not one of the Avengers. Metallica is not a music genre. Leg warmers,rat-tail hair and popped collars will NEVER be cool. You should have learned your shit by now.
18.Don’t do drugs. Wasted? So is your life!
19.If you fail, learn from it. If you succeed, be proud of yourself.
20.Listen to good music, do what you are passionate about, have fun, fall in love, be the best you can be, live in the moment and laugh every day.

Career Advice

Have you ever wondered why everyone is now entitled to give advice regarding any subject you can possible think about? There are a lot of articles, books, videos about  how to be succesful, how to make a man like you, how to be positive etc. Most of them are saying the same things and are not helping anyone really. Truth is, nobody can tell you how to live your life because no one knows what is better for you than yourself. That’s why, you have to discover what you want, what you like and desire most, but also what can make you truly happy because that’s the main goal – happiness. However, there are a few things about society that you can learn and try to figure a way to guide yourself by your principles and adapt to the social environment simultaneously.

Now, career is very important for most of people and I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, but people usually want to work as little as possible and gain as much as possible or just want to do what they like and be the best at it. Whatever road you choose, you desire to be succesful. For the most part, the younger side of the world population wants to achieve this success as quickly as they can. They have no patience at all. At the same time, they are very disoriented and confused about what they would like to do with their lives, so much that a few of them get lost along the way. Others, just waste a lot of time just to discover what they are good at and enjoy at the same time. Reid Hoffman, co-founder at LinkedIn spent 15 years after graduating to figure it out. Probably not the most adequate amount of time. As far as college graduates and their careers go, he has a pretty interesting theory: you just need to know 3 secrets to be highly succesful. Of course, as 3 is the magic number it sounds like another happy ending fairytale written by a guy who commited suicide afterwards, but Mr. Hoffman looks like he knows what he’s talking about. He wrote The Start-up of, but there is also available a very interesting slideshow that contains the main ideas from the book. Take a look:

Boy Crush

It’s 00:12 P.M. The finals are here, I’m in no mood whatsoever for learning and sleeping is not an option these days. Thereby, I will write about a passion of my own – boycrushing (on more or less famous people). I know it’s not really a word or a hobby or an actual thing really, but it keeps my mind busy and my heart pumping. Dear girls, women and not so straight gentlemen, if you’d like to feast your precious little eyes and your naughty little mind, than stay tuned for whatever the holy internet and GQ has brought for us.

In no particular order, I will start with someone that cought my eye exactly 2 days ago – Jack Alexander Huston. He’s an actor that plays a disfigured former marksman on Boardwalk Empire, which is quite unfortunate as he has to cover half his face with a rather unappealing mask. The very fortunate facts though, are his green eyes, black hair, british heritage, italian looks, ravishing smile and a pocket full of sunshine charisma.

[photo source]

A few months ago, the legendary Mick Rock made a photoshoot for Carbon Copy Magazine involving a Lamborghini, the New York streets, a suitcase full of cash and a very coiffed Jack Huston. Intrigued so far?

Song Of The Week(14)

It might as well be song of the year/century/Universe, you catch the drift..

“To me, Heaven is one of the reasons why I still make music.” – Dave Gahan

I would post every single song of theirs, but you can search on YouTube by yourselves, really. In exchange, I’ll just give one of the best and most honest interviews I’ve ever seen so far.

Dave The God!

15-05-2013, Bucharest, National Arena, The Delta Machine Tour

I was there!

I felt happiness. Depeche Mode made me feel truly alive, from the begining to waaay after the end. It’s quite impossible and frankly, pointless to explain what was like to have the privilege to have them in front of  my eyes for more than 2 hours, but I’m sure that 45.000 people felt as mesmerized as I did.

Someone said God has black hair. His name is Dave Gahan and he guided the herd up to Heaven. It’s surreal how a 51 years old man can dance like the devil, look so damn hot and sing every single note to perfection, with a voice that penetrates your soul. His androgynously moving hands dictated every little hand of a whole stadium guided by the sound of Never Let Me Down Again – LEGENDARY! All those bodies with pretty little hypnotized eyes did whatever the master told them to. There was the place where magic happened. A brilliand show with thousands of brilliant people made the night unforgetable for eternity.

I could talk all day about F.O.X. , the opening band wich sounded quite nice, but was too unsignificant by comparrison to draw the public’s attention, about Martin’s amazing voice – It’s so unusual, but makes total sense, how the man with the best voice is not the front man – the piles of trash we all left behind amongst the screaming voices hoping they would come back and sing one last song.

Depeche Mode makes the rules. They know how to give a whole lot, but never quite enough for you to satisfy your hunger – your soul is in their hands.